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Aus Bed & Brains wird MyLiverty

Aus Bed & Brains wird MyLiverty

The Am Riedberg student residence is now run under the name MyLiverty, the new brand of the Fundamenta Group Deutschland AG, consultant to the owner.

Following the takeover in 2019, the student residence continued in business under the seller’s brand name and has now been rebranded.

MyLiverty can be reached on the main domain and has offers for students, young professionals and simply anyone interested in furnished accommodation in top locations. In addition to the student residence in Frankfurt at Olof-Palme-Straße 41, a hostel in Potsdam will probably be completed in the autumn, as well as a block of apartments in the centre of Wiesbaden, all under the same brand name. All the properties have fantastic furnishings tailored to the target clientele. We have entrusted the administration of these properties to specialists, the Capera Immobilien Service GmbH. Current and additional services will be included or developed according to the location’s requirements.

New logos and lettering will soon make the student residence at the Friedberg Riedberg resplendent with the MyLiverty look.

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